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How Can I “Praise God” in My Prayers?

I always start my prayers with praising God! Why do I start this way? Because God is worthy to be praised first and foremost for who He is. He is our Creator, He is love, kindness, and He is salvation for the world! He left His throne in heaven, lived a sinless life, and died a horrific death on the cross for me and for you.

He’s not only my Savior and Lord, but He is also my friend. Why would I not praise him for all these things?

There is a difference between thankfulness and praise. Thankfulness is celebrating what He has done for me and others in my life. Praise is when I honor God for who He is. This is worshipping God above all!

Hebrews 13:15 teaches, “Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.” This is a verse I read aloud, which is a great reminder for why I start with praise.

After reading this verse, all the different attributes of our God flood my mind and I begin worshipping our Savior. This time of worship often leads me into a time of singing. I love to choose songs that are specifically about Jesus and the power of God.

I sit in my kitchen, with my coffee in hand, and listen to worship music to encourage my soul. My focus is completely on God. I love songs like Hezekiah Walker’s “Every Praise”:

Every praise is to our God

Every word of worship with one of accord

Every praise

Every praise is to our God

Sing Hallelujah to our God

Glory Hallelujah is due our God

Every Praise

Every Praise is to our God

Starting your morning with praise to God for who He is prepares us for the day ahead. If you start with this, be prepared for excitement and energy—it will happen! When we see life from the perspective of our Creator, we can take on the struggles of our day from His perspective as well. I’m encouraged to see the difference in your day when you start it off in praise!


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Rik Cramer serves as Campus Pastor at Peavine Baptist Church. He is a graduate of Truett McConnell University who frequently writes and speaks on issues of prayer and evangelism. He lives with his wife and son in North Georgia.

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