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AvatarLupie Riley asked 2 years ago

Why can’t these bibles be placed in every penal institution in our own country?  My son is an inmate in Canon City, Colorado and I can see the benefit of these audio bibles in the hands of every inmate in America.  We need the gospel in the hands of lost people in prisons just like those in foreign country’s.  Our own country’s people desperately need a revival because of the depravity that  has consumed so many especially our youth through evolution, relativism and politically correctness.  Our beloved country is headed down the road of severe judgment is things don’t change soon.

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John Ankerberg StaffJohn Ankerberg Staff Staff answered 2 years ago

Thank you for such a good question! The audio Bibles that we are working to fund are actually sent out through another ministry called Faith Comes By Hearing. They work on recording translations of the Bible into other languages and making them available on listening devises. While the majority of their outreach is to the thousands of languages that still need a single Bible recorded in their language, they do also have some outreach to domestic groups, such as active military personnel and veterans.
Faith Comes By Hearing does not currently have a prison outreach, but it would be a wonderful idea. As someone who has had a close family member spend time in prison as well, I understand and sympathize with your situation. In case you are unaware, many prisons allow books to be sent to inmates if they are softcover and sent from the publisher, which can be a wonderful option to encourage a loved one in that situation. Often books are passed around and read by many. We have had a number of our books from The John Ankerberg Show sent to incarcerated individuals, and heard stories about the impact that they had on those that read them. Depending on the situation, chaplains may also have freedoms to provide audio or written materials to encourage inmates, so we would encourage you to research that option as well.
If you would like to contact Faith Comes By Hearing, here is their website: . If you would like to order any of our books to have them sent to a loved one, here are the books we have available to order:
God bless!
E.K. with the JAS Staff