Why did Jesus turn the water into wine?

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AvatarBrenda Hartley asked 7 months ago

I do not drink fermented beverages like wine because it can lead to drunkenness. It is difficult to be moderate for many in this area.  The Bible is clear about not drinking to excess , and wine was encourgaged to drink for stomach ailments in one instance in the New Testament for this reason.  So why was water turned into wine.  I understand old wine and new wine is a spiritual parable but I also see the physical benefits for stomach ailments. The majority of people drink for other reasons.  Aren’t there better natural alternatives for the stomach(like ginger). Do you have anything to clarify this miracle for people who drink wine, not only at wedding feasts and for their stomachs, but to unwind, or celebrate other joyful occasions.

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John Ankerberg StaffJohn Ankerberg Staff Staff answered 6 months ago

Thank you for your question!! One of our writers answered on this topic:

Why Did Jesus Turn Water into Wine?